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G uarded Heart Bible College offers both Undergraduate and Graduate studies in a number of Christian majors. Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, and Doctorate Degree Programs are offered with courses that build foundational blocks to allow students to easily move not only from one course to another, but also provide the incentive to move on towards the next level of degree studies with accomplished core courses.

T he courses are structured in a simple format to provide students basic understanding of the main principles allowing the students to move through their degree courses, and in turn their programs at a faster pace.

Educated Hearts is a  program offering a high school diploma with a transcript. “It’s never too late to finish strong!” Contact us today for more information on how to obtain your diploma.

Students who do not intend to complete a program of study but desire to take classes for credit in order to satisfy requirements at another institute, satisfy mission board requirements, or personal biblical education may qualify as Non-degree applicants should complete the Non-Degree application for admission.

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The student handbook is available upon enrollment for course descriptions and degree major plans.

Associate Degree Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Associate of Theology 60 credits
Associate of Biblical Studies 60 credits
Associate of Ministry 60 credits

Bachelor Degree Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Bachelor of Theology 120 credits
Bachelor of Ministry 120 credits
Bachelor of Christian Counseling 120 credits
Bachelor of Christian Education 120 credits
Bachelor of Apologetics 120 credits
Bachelor of Biblical Studies 120 credits

Master Degree Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Master of Theology 60 credits
Master of Christian Counseling 60 credits
Master of Christian Education 60 credits
Master of Biblical Studies 60 credits
Master of Apologetics 42 credits
Master of Ministry 42 credits

Doctoral Degree Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Doctor of Apologetics 54 credits
Doctor of Ministry 33 credits
Doctor of Christian Counseling 60 credits
Doctor of Biblical Studies 60 credits
Doctor of Christian Education 60 credits
Doctor of Theology 60 credits

Degree Information

Guarded Heart’s four year degree program is designed for Christian adults of any age and background who desire to serve in the local church at any level. All graduates of each degree program will:

• Know the Bible thoroughly.
• Interpret the Bible with sound exegesis.
• Understand the major doctrines of the Bible.
• Evangelize and disciple others at home and around the world.
• Counsel themselves and others from the Bible alone.
• Teach and preach for life-change.
• Think critically, according to a Biblical world view.
• Read, write, speak, and research with basic, college-level competencies.
• Recognize God’s unfolding plan of redemption in Church and world history.

Associate Degree Required Courses

These may be transferred in from other institutions.

– Maturing in Christ
– Bible Study Methods
– Basic Christianity
– Old Testament Survey 1
– New Testament Survey 1

NOTE – Programs are subject to change as new programs are developed and to remain current with ever-changing trends of quality biblical education.

Bachelor Degree Required Courses

These may be transferred in from other institutions or from previous degree programs completed.

– Personal Evangelism
– Grasping God’s Word
– Bible Doctrine 1
– Old Testament Survey 2
– New Testament Survey 2

Days & Times Of Classes

Classes meet weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm & 8:00pm-9:30pm.

(For both undergrad and graduate classes)

Academic Requirements

All Degrees Must Be Earned! We do NOT sell or give away our degrees. They MUST be earned.

T he trimester hours required to earn our degrees may be earned through a combination of studies offered through GHBC and the credit we allow for your religious training and religious life work experience.

Studies through “Guarded Heart Bible College” will not make you better than others, but it will make you better than you were!!!