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T hese flexible online degree programs allow you to take courses from wherever you are. Our distinguished faculty will serve as your mentors as you study topics such as theology, church history, worship, apologetics, systematic theology, the Psalms and other biblical literature. Develop your knowledge of the Bible and grow in your faith at Guarded Heart Bible College.

Earn an undergraduate degree online while maintaining a work-life balance. Or, if you want to take courses to enhance your biblical knowledge we’re here for you as well. Choose from over several degree programs within the associate and bachelor degrees as well as certificate programs. All courses are three(3) credit hours and are offered on trimester terms.

All degree programs require a High School diploma or GED at the time of admissions.

T he courses are structured in a simple format to provide students basic understanding of the main principles allowing the students to move through their degree courses, and in turn their programs at a faster pace.

O ur online courses are offered through the Zoom video conferencing platform whereby each student can take part in the live class sessions from their personal devices, anywhere (Internet access required).

U pon completion of the enrollment process you will be contacted with information of your choice of degree plan and further distance learning instructions.

To enroll click here: Distance Education Enrollment Form

Certificate Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Certificate in Biblical Studies 30 credits
Certificate in Ministry 30 credits

Associate Degree Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Associate of Theology 60 credits
Associate of Biblical Studies 60 credits
Associate of Ministry 60 credits

Bachelor Degree Programs

Degree Program Credit Hours
Bachelor of Theology 120 credits
Bachelor of Ministry 120 credits
Bachelor of Christian Counseling 120 credits
Bachelor of Christian Education 120 credits
Bachelor of Apologetics 120 credits
Bachelor of Biblical Studies 120 credits

To enroll and obtain information click here: Distance Education Enrollment Form