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A dmission to Guarded Heart Bible College is based on the student’s ability to satisfactorily complete the academic requirements. Other factors such as the individual’s Christian experience, call to ministry, and moral character are also taken into account.

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We will contact you upon receiving your enrollment form.

Once the enrollment process is complete, if accepted as a student you will receive an admission letter along with your tuition requirements. You will need to submit copies of all required Transcripts, Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas after you receive the admission letter from GHBC.

Enrollment Process

All enrollments require:

• GHBC Student Application Form
• Validation of High School diploma or higher degree
• Official transcripts from all previous College credits
• $45.00 registration fee
• $150.00 enrollment fee (one time) (non-refundable)
• $100.00 re-enrollment fee (non-refundable)
• Life Experience Assessment Form (optional)

All applications are subject to approval.


Non-Degree-Seeking Students

These are students who do not intend to complete a program of study but desire to take classes for credit in order to satisfy requirements at another institute, satisfy mission board requirements, or personal biblical education. Non-degree applicants should complete the Non-Degree application for admission. These students are not required to submit high school diploma/GED certificate, college transcripts, or references. Non-degree-seeking students may change to a degree or certificate program by submitting a regular application along with all forms and transcripts for admission to the institute as a Degree-seeking student.

Degree-seeking Students

These are students who desire to pursue a program leading to a Degree. These prospective students must complete each step of the application process.


Associate Degree Programs

For admission into the Associates program, a candidate is required to have a high school diploma, a GED, or equivalent. Students may take classes without a high school diploma or equivalent, but these classes cannot be applied to a degree program until previous equivalency is attained. (60 credits)

Bachelor Degree Programs

To enroll in the Bachelors degree program, an Associates degree, the completion of sixty (60) credits, or its equivalent is required.

Master Degree Programs

Entrance into the Masters degree program requires a Bachelors degree, the completion of 120 credits, or its equivalent.

Doctoral Degree Programs

For admission into the Doctoral degree program, a candidate must have a Masters degree, the needed credits may vary according to the degree concentration.

Holding a Bible

If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for admission in a particular program:

A. Admission will be denied or
B. Applicant will be accepted in a lower degree program or
C. Applicant will be required to take some additional courses

If any course that we require has already been completed in an Accredited Bible College, we will allow the student to be exempt from taking that course with a C or better.

Credit For Life Experience

We allow some credit toward degrees, based upon your religious life experience and religious training. Through Guarded Heart Bible College, we can help to educate you, and even put to work what you already know. The knowledge gained over years of service and experience is used to help you fulfill the degree program you enter. All documented learning and experiences are assessed and compared to the requirements of the degree program selected. Life credits cannot be applied to the doctoral degree program.